Introduction to Programming for Visual Artists

Introductions, structure of the course and tools for the course. After that a short glitch workshop.

Lecture 1 slides

First exercise: glitch

Instead of jumping right into programming with p5.js let's start with something a bit different. During the course you will be encouraged to work with different limitations and to use those limitations as a creative catalyst. In the first exercise you are asked to use a text editor or an audio editor for editing images. With this exercise I wan to encourage you to try out and break things, even if you're not fully aware of what is going to happen or why something happens. You are also asked to work with a specific method with a lot of limitations. Thirdly, I wan to emphasis a way of working where you explore the outputs of a method or system you created rather than aiming for a specific end result.

Esthetically I find the artifacts that arise from the manipulation of a specific medium interesting. In my opinion glitching, hacking and bending are a way of examining the materiality of a digital or electrical medium, which I find conceptually interesting. Here's a few links if you want to read a bit more about the topic:


Do the first one or two chapters here:

Submit a screenshot of a glitched image or collection of images on MyCourses (submit a screenshot, not the original image as glitching might break it on different systems).