Course project


Ideally you could continue working on and exploring a sketch you wrote as an assignment during the course. There is no rules or limitations on the project, but the goal is to create a finalized artwork based on a p5.js sketch.

As the course is rather short I would encourage a minimalistic and abstract approach rather than very representational or realistic. You can find all sorts of examples online, but if you don't understand the code you are working with it is very difficult to experiment and iterate on it. You can use examples you find online but make sure to include the source in comments.

Another valid approach is to try to recreate a work you found online and maybe iterate on it. Again, just remember to include a link to the original inspiration in the comments of your code. A good starting point for this approach could be browsing #p5js hashtag on instagram:

We can further discuss your topic in a meeting you can book here:

Try to always take as small steps as possible when writing code. Make a change or write a new small-as-possible feature and run your code. If you are working on a large feature try to break it down into small steps. Implement the steps one by one and run your code after each step.

Finalizing your artwork

Think about what is the format of your work. Is it a generative print, animation, an interactive installation? If it is a generative print, is it a single image or a series of works? How would the work be presented? On a wall, as a projection, on a website? Try to refine your work to reflect these decisions.

If you are creating a set of prints, you could capture frames from p5 and display the artwork on a wall with frames by mocking it up on photoshop. (Here's an example on how to use mockup templates in Photoshop). Or you could use the generative graphics in a poster design in your software of choice.

If you are working on an animation you could record your screen to capture the animation. As a bit more technically challenging option you could use CCapture with p5:

You could also display your creation on a website. Maybe on you own website or a site dedicated to the specific artwork. Here's a list of resources to help you with that:


Everyone will present their work on Tuesday 6.4.. Show what you made and briefly explain key aspects of the code. Also discuss for example what was difficult, what were you exited about, did you start with a specific end goal in mind or did you arrive to a certain end result after experimentation. Everyone has about 15 minutes for presenting their work.


  1. Book a meeting to discuss your work:
  2. Work on your p5.js sketch
  3. Finalize your work and present it in a suitable context
  4. Submit your work as an image or video file and as a link to p5.js editor on MyCourses before 6.4. 17:00