Lukupiiri: Tutustu kurssiin liittyvään teokseen ja esittele se muille

Valitse jokin kurssiin liittyvä teos. Voit käyttää apuna alla olevaa listaa tai valita jotain aivan muuta. Tarkoituksena on esitellä teos muulle ryhmälle yhteisessä keskustelussa. Voit alustaa teosta lyhyesti, esimerkiksi kertomalla, miksi se herätti mielenkiintosi. Keskustelussa teosta voi peilata esimerkiksi edellisessä harjoituksessa käsiteltyihin teemoihin.

Inspiraatiota / esimerkkejä - My little piece of Privacy - Zimoun (born 1977) is a Swiss artist who lives and works in Bern, Switzerland. As self-taught artist, he is most known for his sound sculptures, sound architectures and installation art that combine raw, industrial materials such as cardboard boxes, plastic bags, or old furniture, with mechanical elements such as dc-motors, wires, microphones, speakers and ventilators. - Chris Eckert is an artist working in Southern California. His sculptures have been shown throughout the United States and Europe including venues in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Austria, Germany, France, Switzerland, and Japan. Eckert received his BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering from Santa Clara University and his MFA from San Jose State University. -Dmitry Morozov aka ::vtol:: (b.1986, Moscow) is a transdisciplinary artist and researcher. He focuses on contemporary media arts including sound, robotics and installation, placing special emphasis on the link between emergent systems and new kinds of technological synthesis. - Marloes van Son builds instruments, installations and systems. The electromechanical objects that she develops explore natural phenomena and everyday appliances. By repurposing ordinary objects she aims to create unusual, yet familiar experiences. - Koka’s Stepper Miniature is made of a single stepper motor. Sound of the motor is amplified with a contact microphone., - Neil's work uses software, electronics, computer graphics and robotics to explore the absurd, the humorous, the futile and the surreal., - Peter Vogel (9 March 1937 – 8 May 2017) was a German artist, best known for his interactive electronic sculptures and sound art pieces., - Grönlund–Nisunen on Tommi Grönlundin (s. 1967) ja Petteri Nisusen (s. 1962) muodostama taiteilijapari. Heidän yhteiset teoksensa ovat tieteen ja tekniikan estetiikasta ammentavia installaatioita., - I’m a Finnish, Berlin-based artist and educator who works at the intersection of art and technology. In addition to building objects and installations, I give courses and workshops. My practise is rooted in materiality and hand-making, and I like to explore different media from electronics and code to wood, recycled objects and textiles. Being inspired by the DIY and hacker culture, I remain curious and keep learning new things through experimentation. My projects often include an element of participation, critical making and humour as means to open up a closer dialogue with our technological surroundings. Sometimes I work with my partner Niklas Roy.,, - Eun Young Park is a multidisciplinary artist and designer based in Helsinki and Seoul. Her works often combine art, design and technology with a playful approach. - @><#!!! is a surface of an arbitrary machine communicating on an emotional level with the humans. It tries to make internal processes visible by an alteration of its surface structure and to react on interaction. The result is a playful handling, starting with a cautious approach, smooth movements, checking out the possibilities. When the interaction gets more intense, the machine will get overtaxed and show stronger reactions. In the end: total refusal, plays dead, it needs a break; until the next user will interact with it. - Pekka and Teija Isorättyä (both born 1980) are from Finland but are engaged in travel from site to site with their child, Iisakki. They collaborate on the creation of kinetic and electromechanical sculptures, often constructed from organic materials and discarded or outmoded objects. - I live in Berlin, I make (mostly interactive) art installations and I show others how to do that, too. Through my work, I explore art, science and technology, often in the form of humorous installations and machines. I like to make as much as possible by myself, because engineering, constructing and coding is a nice way to keep learning new things. And furthermore, this hands-on DIY approach also constantly produces many ideas, which inspire projects yet to come. - Design with Movement is an online courseware about kinetic/robotic movement for artists, designers and casual makers. - Guillem Bayo's website - Tristan Perich (born 1982) is a contemporary composer and sound artist from New York City who focuses on electronic one bit sound.