Programming for Visual Artists

Learn the basics of programming by creating screen-based visuals with Java Script and the p5.js library. P5.js is a Java Script library similar to the popular Java-based Processing. The emphasis of this course is to introduce techniques for creating generative screen-based visuals

Aalto Spring 2021 schedule:

  • Mon, 1.3: Introduction, discussion, Glitch intro
  • Tue, 2.3: P5.js editor, shapes, coordinates and colours.
  • Mon, 8.3: Variables, randomness
  • Tue, 9.3: Animating with trigonometric functions
  • Mon, 15.3.: If-else, for-loop
  • Tue, 16.3.: For-loop, noise
  • Mon, 22.3.: Audio input, Interaction
  • Tue, 23.3.: Images and video
  • Mon, 29.3: Personal project
  • Tue, 30.3: Personal project
  • Tue, 6.3.: Presentations, course feedback